Hydraulic Forces

Before buying a hydraulic "one-piece" door it's very important that you speak with your building manufacturer/contractor to ensure that they can properly prepare your building for your new "one-piece" door. Hydraulic "one-piece" doors exert loads and stresses on a building. To ensure the safe operation of your hydraulic "one-piece" door your building must be able to handle these loads. Schweiss will provide you with spec sheets detailing the loads your hydraulic "one-piece" door will put on your building.

When retrofitting an existing building with a hydraulic "one-piece" door it may be necessary to add a freestanding header to prepare your building. With a freestanding header you can add a hydraulic "One-Piece" door to any building without having to remodel your existing endwall. A freestanding header consists of two side columns and a main header frame that attach to your building and provide a straight and level surface to connect your hydraulic "one-piece" door to. Freestanding headers provide added support to the building and will help manage the forces being added to your building by your new hydraulic "one-piece" door.

tractor inside building with open hyrdraulic door
inside view of open hydraulic door showing red power pump