Hydraulic Applications

a sea plane being loaded into a waterside hangar

An original brand name "One-Piece" hydraulic door will fit your needs no matter how big or small your opening is. Every hydraulic "one-piece"door is custom built to the customers exact specifications to ensure a perfect fit every time. "One-Piece" Hydraulic doors can be adapted to any building in any industry.

Hydraulic "one-piece" doors are used on aircraft hangars all over the world. For years aircraft owners have been trusting the Schweiss name to protect their aviation investments. The hydraulic "one-piece" door is a solid panel that, once closed, is locked in place by the heavy-duty cylinders to provide safety for your aviation investments.

A machine shed storing Semi-Trucks and Tractors

Many Schweiss customers have found uses for their "one-piece" hydraulic door in the agricultural industry. Hydraulic doors are a great option when considering replacing old worn out doors on barns and equipment sheds. In today's agricultural market the equipment gets taller and wider every year making existing building openings a tight fit. Instead of building a new building retrofit your old building with a hydraulic "one-piece" door, you lose no headroom.

Schweiss is on the leading edge when it comes to designer hydraulic doors. After years of building highly customized and unique designer bifold doors we have the experience you need to ensure that your hydraulic "one-piece"door not only works but will look great too. Schweiss offers many unique exterior sheeting/glazing options to give your hydraulic "one-piece" door the fancy look.